How is Cloud Computing Technology Beneficial For Mobile App Development in Saudi Arabia?

We have reached the stage where mobile apps have become so popular with almost 3.5 billion smartphones across the globe that it is right to conclude that there is an ‘app’ for it. The importance of mobile apps is enormous and they’re here to stay for good, and with each passing day, this popularity is only becoming greater.

Another fascinating thing to note is that while the number of new apps in app stores is growing exponentially, there is also an exponential rise in the overall number of app downloads.

Mobile App development companies in Saudi Arabia

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud storage is a technology that uses the Internet with secure and secure online networks to store and transfer data through various devices. It allows the user to store, share, and access information with the assurance of data backup in case of failure or harm under a safe and secured system.

Cloud computing services such as Desktop as a Service (DaaS), on the other hand, are one such technology that has become as common in the digital landscape as mobile apps. Companies have begun to develop a virtual IT infrastructure and have revolutionized how they communicate with information.

Top Benefits of Cloud Computing for Mobile App Development

  1. Mobile cloud applications are cheaper

It is never an inexpensive job to create a native mobile application for business purposes. There are numerous complexities, such as features, UI, design, architecture, and so on, involved. In addition, the time taken to develop Android and iOS apps separately adds to the costs.

Since you create a single app that runs across all platforms, cloud mobile apps are relatively cheaper than native apps. For example, the development cost is reduced to half if you need an application for two platforms. For small companies and startups, it is highly suitable.

2. No Installation Needed

The millennial generation of today is very impatient, and most of them find it time-consuming to install applications. Typical mobile apps enable the user to download an application from the app store and install it. To ensure it's smooth running, there is also a need to update the app periodically.

This issue is overcome by cloud-based mobile apps because it removes the need to install or upgrade any application. As they run just like every other web-based application, users have the right to access the apps from their browsers. In short, limited user interaction exists.

3. Reduced Development Time

Time is of greatest significance in today’s market environment. Building and deploying applications could take months if you create a native mobile application. In addition to this, the time taken is greatly increased if the application is for a particular industry and needs to have unique features.

The development time decreases dramatically if the application is built in a cloud-based environment. It’s because the cloud environment already has data protection features, third-party integrations, a back-end link, and much more to take care of. Developers can create great apps in this way and spend far less time than a typical native app.


Cloud technology developments will play a key role in the mobile app development industry in the future and provide developers with much-needed relief in terms of features and functionality.

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